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Google Pays $7.2 billion For Its Pre-installed Apps on Your Android devices


Google, one of the world’s well-known company, has been playing significant role in software production, gadget and Smartphone production. Regarding this, new information has revealed that last year to Pre-Install Its App on Smartphone’s also called as traffic acquisition costs, Google has paid around $7.2 billion. If compared, the amount is 3 times more than the traffic acquisition costs given in the year 2012.

All the Smartphone users can find the Google search bar on the top of the mobile screen. Along with it users can see some Google’s apps like Photos, Duo, Google drive and some other applications. The amount that has spent by Google helps the company to retain these things on the screen every time, and the user can see those apps every time they turn on the device.

As per the sources, in the year 2016, around 600 new smartphones were launched, and 65 billion applications were installed through the Google Play store.