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Google plans to introduce ad-blocking feature in Chrome browsing be it phone or desktop


Google is soon planning on bringing ad-block feature on its Chrome browser on smartphones and desktop version, reported Wall Street Journal.

This ad-blocking feature will add all the online ads that disruot user experience which can be activated by default within the Chrome web browser.

This feature is Expected to be announced in next few weeks.

Alphabet Inc is still on consequence on the plan which they may take it forward which people familiar with the matter told WSJ.

The ad-block comes at a cross road with Google’s reliance on online advertising revenue,report added.

Google is already a part of a program called Acceptable Ads which develops the popular ad-blocking tool Adblock Plus which means some of Google’s advertising are allowed to pass through Adblock Plus’s filters.

But since ad-blocking tools are on the rise, this becomes a matter of concern for Google as it is for online publishers that work with Google to help sell their advertising space.

In recent years, usage of ad-blocking tools have grown increasingly because of bothersome types of ads.

The Coalition for Better Ads that released a list of ad standards in March have highlighted that ad formats such as pop-ups, auto-playing videos, countdown timer ads, among others, are deemed to be “beneath a threshold of consumer acceptability.”

So, by introducing their own ad-filter Google is looking to curb the growth in these ad-blocking tools, many of which offer their services for a fee.

The Chrome browser now accounts for a large portion of web-browsing globally, so switching on ad-filters within it could give Google more control over the ad-blocking situation, industry observers say.

Reported by: Rahul Bansal

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