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4 Efficient Ways For Competitive Analysis Of Your SEO Campaign


I am sure that whenever your competitor got 1st ranking in Google, you wonder that how they manage to get that position. Well, that is not a tough task, this can be possible because of the essence of competitive analysis of SEO. You can structure SEO efforts to remain competitive, but before the foundation of any campaign of SEO, there must be a careful examination. One must be very sure regarding the identity of their competitors, in what rank they are standing and how they have managed to grab that particular status.

There are various tactics and tools that one can use, so feel free to choose this four steps for performing your SEO Competitive analysis.


  • Identify the Keywords-

It’s essential first to have a firm handle on the keywords that your page is targeting. If one does not focus on this part, then your competitive analysis will be a hit-and-miss proposition. Always keep in mind that only target is to discover more, along with profitable keywords. Everyone has to identify the suitable long keywords for their page, start by pursuing the data in Analytics of Google and Webmaster Tools.


  • Identify your Competitors-

If you think that everyone is your competitor, then you are wrong because business competitors are not SEO competitors. Till date, you all must have an idea that how many competitors you all have, who are they and what standards do they maintain. But according to the SEO perspective, those who hold rank at 1st or 2nd page of Google are real competitors. To identify the competitors, SEMRush, and keyword Spy will help all of us for sure to determine which pages or sites are ranking for the keywords which we have chosen.


  • Establish the authority of your Competitors-

The significant phase of competitive analysis will be resolving how official your competitor’s sites are. You may find unworkable expectations for your site or page if you don’t have this information. Various other circumstances which one will have to consider are the age of domain, the “Domain Authority” of the site and the number of unique linking root domains to the website. Now, when everyone has an idea regarding their main competitors, we need to plug their URLs into the tool to get important information like the number of inbound links, the page authority and social metrics.


  • Compare your website and page with the competitor’s page-

When we know our weaknesses and strengths, it becomes easy for us to fight against all the odds. Now everyone has a clear idea regarding what difficulties they need to face in the process of competing with their competitors. It’s high time now to perform a detailed analysis of how our site compares to theirs. An important instrument for taking a comprehensive comparison of up to 4 sites is QuickSprout. And the one more tool is there which will give you data like some links, words on a page, page size, meta data, linking structure of the page and keyword density.


At this period, you must have a reliable sense of who you are running up against, and how all individuals outrank in the search engines. You must also have a harmony of which competitors and keywords are meriting targeting, and which is -simply put- out of your group. Finally, you have to understand why your competitors are exceeding you, and what actions you need to take to compete.

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