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Bright Academy organizes awareness rally for safe Diwali


Diwali – A festival that brings light in the world should not be symbolized as festival of air & noise pollution. In this regard, To spread the message of a pollution-free Diwali, today Bright Academy has organized a rally outside the school premises at Punjabipara Branch. The rally was taken out by members of the Bright Academy comprising Above 100 students accompanied by Ward no 13 Councilor Manik dey along with some local dignitaries and Bright Academy teachers who participated with a clear message of a pollution-free Diwali.

During Diwali, the festival of lights, there are a score of crackers blowing up in the air. It not only affects human health but also impacts trees & plants. Surveys shows that Indians blow up crackers worth of millions of dollars, leaving the air four times more polluted than a normal clear day.


Bursting of crackers leads to environment pollution and loss of crores of rupees, which can be put to constructive use. There is also abuse of child labour in manufacturing of crackers. As a responsible citizen, it’s our individual responsibility to save our Environment. It’s our request to our school parents, teachers, etc. to cut down their budgets on Crackers & celebrate the festival candles, lamps and sweets. Avoid using Noisy Crackers & Crackers which causes more pollution.

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