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Deepika Padukone, Anand Ahuja And Rhea Kapoor. The Sneakers At Weddings Trend Is Here To Stay


First there was Anand Ahuja and now, Deepika Padukone who redefined comfort dressing at her Mumbai reception over the weekend by ditching her bright red stilettos for a pair of sneakers. Deepika, breathtaking in a glittering red Zuhair Murad gown with an exaggerated skirt and train, sent popping flashbulbs into overdrive on Saturday evening as she walked out to the photo-op area with Ranveer Singh. Her feet were encased in matching stilettos – the quintessential ruby slippers, albeit a bit more glam than were ever worn in Oz. But as the party continued into the night with Bollywood A-listers checking in one by one, pictures from inside revealed that the new bride had discarded not just the huge skirt but also kicked off her heels in favour of white sneakers. Ranveer Singh, who is known for his flamboyant fashion, also signed up for Team Sneakers On The Dance Floor with his leopard-print jacket.

However, Deepika’s love for sneakers should come as no surprise as she’s often spotted rounding off her casual looks with sneakers. However, credit where credit is due. In May, sneaker devotee Anand Ahuja wore a pair of trainers to his own wedding reception and not just to dance either. While Sonam turned heads in a silver and grey Anamika Khanna creation, all of us did double takes as Anand Ahuja stepped out in the photo-op area wearing footwear that was largely seen as unconventional. He wore a pair of white and grey sneakers to go with his kurta-pyjama look. Anand Ahuja owns the sneaker brand VegNonVeg.

Anand Ahuja has such a reputation as a sneaker fan that he was surprised with a jumbo version of a Nike sneaker, made of flowers, by his sister-in-law Rhea Kapoor on his birthday in July this year. “I didn’t know what shoe you really wanted so we just made you one we were sure you didn’t have! Love you, mean it,” Rhea had captioned a post, in which Anand can be seen adorably admiring his birthday gift.

Talking about Rhea Kapoor, do you remember what she did at her sister’s wedding? She opted for a pair of sneakers to go with her all-white lehenga look. Rhea Kapoor, who is the face behind Sonam’s stunning looks, had shared a photo of herself from Sonam Kapoor’s sangeet, in which she offered a glimpse of her footwear – as the very busy sister-of-the-bride, the far-thinking Rhea put a fair bit of effort into saving her feet. Rhea’s chikankari lehenga was from the collections of Abu Jani-Sandeep Khosla and sneakers from Nike.

So folks, next time if those heels hurt on your way to a wedding, ditch them for a pair of sneakers like a boss. You will be in very stylish company.

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