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Women’s film festival begins


SILIGURI::1st film festival of women film directors, organized by Siliguri cine society in association with Federation of Film Societies of India, opened at the Ramkinkar prodorshoni hall(Dinabondhu manch) here in Siliguri on Friday.

The festival will be of three days in which 9 films directed by women will be featured was inaugurated by the Bobi Sharma Barua(chief guest).The Assamese director, Bobi Sharma Barua, also directed a film named “Sonar boron pakhi” in rajbongshi language.

The festival opened with Bangladeshi film “Kobi swamir mrityur por amar jabanbondi” directed by Tashimah Afrin Mou.Bobi’s film also featured on Friday.The other films which will be featured in this festivals are,”Dolachal”,”bokul”,”Rowdy women of Kiragooru” The Impasse”,”Amu” etc.in various languages like Bengali, Assamese, Kannada & English.



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