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“Annapurna Rasoi” launched by Lions Club of Siliguri Terai, Shakti and Oorja


Siliguri : The installation of one of the most premier lions clubs in Siliguri, the Lions Club of Siliguri Terai was held at 6.30pm at Hotel tourist Inn.

It was also a great moment for the club as two of its family clubs, Lions Club of Siliguri Terai Shakti (A club whose members are the spouse of the members of Lions Club of SlgTerai) and Lions Club of Siliguri Terai Oorja (a club whose members are the next generation of the Terai family) were installed together.
The installation officer PMCC Lion Rajiw Lohan came all the way from Ranchi, Jharkand for this momentous occasion. The event also had the august presence of Past International Director Lion G S Hora, District Governor Lion Srawan Chowdhury, vice district governors and a host of Past District Governors from the Lions Fraternity.
The New board had the following leaders of each club.

Lions Club of Siliguri Terai:

President Lion Ashok Agarwal, Secretary Lion Sushil Mittal and Treasurer Lion Shashak Banka. Lion Sujit Bihani is the immediate Past president.


Lions Club of Siliguri Terai Shakti :

President Lion Sujata Dhirasaria, Secretary Lion Seema Agarwal  and  Treasurer Lion Vanita Jain

Lions Club of Siliguri Terai Oorja :

President Lion NavinParakh, secretary Lion Gaurav Bansal  and Treasurer Lion Ayush Agarwal
The Lions Club of SlgTerai has always been known for its immense commitment to service through its Blood Bank, Immunization Centre’s, Homeo Clinics and other projects.
On this very special day of the club, a unique and very innovative social initiative was launched by the Club in the name of Annapurna Rasoi.
This is a mobile van that will operate initially once a week but soon be operational all 7 days of the week. This van will serve a full plate food for a very nominal amount of Rs 5.
The van, donated by Lion Sandip Killa, will be seen around the city and serve close to 300 people in one day.
This amount of Rs 5 is also being taken to ensure that there is no wastage and the beneficiary does not feel it as pity and can have with his self pride.
The Newly elected president was elated at the overwhelming love and support from the members of all the 3 clubs. He shared that he had received love and affection from all the members. He added that the Lions Club of Siliguri Terai would continue to  serve the society and also come up with innovative ideas to reach more and more people . He also informed that apart from the 2 family clubs, they had also sponsored the Lions Club of Siliguri Professionals making it a total of 3 new clubs sponsored by Lions Club of Siliguri Terai in this year.
Lion Ashok Agarwal also highlighted that Lion Srawan Chowdhury had taken up the prestigious post of District Governor of Dist 322F, is also a member of this club and the entire club was overjoyed about it.
The Lions Club of Siliguri Terai has been an inspiration of service for many Clubs across the globe and it shall continue its journey towards serving the people & the underprivileged the most.
In continuation to this commitment to service, Lion Ashok Agarwal also informed that a new building  Terai Lions Seva Kendra is coming up at Sukant Sarani in Siliguri and will be operational in the next 8 to 10 months where they shall be providing Immunization Service, Mother and Child care and many more services in the times to come.

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