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Dussheha Celebrations at Bright Academy, Punjabipara


SILIGURI: Bright Academy celebrated this auspicious day with zeal and enthusiasm. Our purpose was to enlighten our students with regards to Hindu custom and mythology. Students came dressed up as Ram, Lakshman, Sita and Ravana. In Punjabi Para branch, the background was prepared with nice colorful cloths, colourful papers, “chunris” and flowers. A backdrop of Maa Durga’s family was placed at the center for the photographs with a student dressed up as Maa Durga at the center of the decoration.

A photo of Maa Durga was placed and it was decorated with flowers and ‘Rangoli’ was made by the teachers using all different colors. Also, one big portrait of Ravana was placed on one side to give the look of Dusshera.
The programme started with an opening speech by a teacher of KG class, through which students were explained the significance of the festival and how it is celebrated in the country. Next, it was followed by ‘Aarti’ by the principal and the teachers. Followed by ‘Durgavandana’ by a Playgroup teacher. Next, it was the kids of Std. I to V, who mesmerized the audience with a Garba dance. After the dance, it was the turn of one of the attendants who entertained the audience with a beautiful song. The show went on and the teachers of the school
gave a complete traditional end to the programme by performing a dance.
A very vibrant and traditional background was set-up for photographs to be clicked. The festivities were filled with great joy and enthusiasm. Children had a gala time playing Dandia together. We also captured the moments in our cameras. The programme was entertaining and a well conducted one. Along with happiness and smile it also helped the students to be familiar with the Hindu mythology. Thus we came to the end of the programme.
Children went home with a smile on their faces.

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