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“Mamata Banerjee, Partha Chaterjee responsible for the whole educational problem”, Says Prof. Chaterjee


Siliguri: The state is presently undergoing an Educational Riot. In one hand the tension between the Hills and the State Govt. is getting more intense, on the other, the Private Schooling Institutes are being charged for affiliation, donations, improper education and much more.

The impact is being felt all over the state. Even after a detailed scrutiny of the documentations, A Private group, in Siliguri, is being accused of fraud.

Our spokesperson managed to have a brief conversation with Prof. Sandipan Chatterjee who happens to be also a renowned official of The Guardian’s Forum, today. The man is fighting for the past 9 years to guard the education sector from corruption. As per Mr. Chaterjee’s words,”They are taking a minimum amount of 2 lac rupees in the name of donation. NCERT books are not provided. They sell other books because of the revenue  they make out of it.”

He accused the state educational system and said,” We have the most inefficient educational system of all.” He also mentioned that a complaint was launched against these activities before in the DI office, but no further action was taken. He quoted the Indian constitution and said that,” As per Section 32(1), if a complaint is submitted in a SDO/D.I. office, immediate actions should be taken and report should be filed.”

He also said,” I went through the process and submitted a complaint in D.M. office but no step was taken.”

He allegedly blamed Partha Chatterjee and Mamata Banerjee for the overall situation. He quoted,” We called Partha Chatterjee and they responded. Meetings were held on the 3rd,7th and 9th of the year 2015. Honorable Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee was present. But no report was filed.”


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