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Maritime Day, a day for exploration and understand Maritime safety


You’ve probably been noticing a theme about May and its holidays, almost all of them are centered on getting back out and into the world. With the warming sun and halting rains, are you the least bit surprised? Still, Maritime Day isn’t necessarily about the ocean at large, but specifically about those men and women who spend their lives working on and around it. It specifically focuses on their safety, security, and all the little elements that make their lives, and a little bit of remembrance for how much we have to thank them for.

What exactly is it? Well, maritime transport and work has been important since the human race first put something that floats in the water and decided to use it to get somewhere or do something. Maritime Day commemorates it and the incredible effect it’s had on our lives. Just to start with the most basic point about it? Sea Trade has been the largest carrier of Cargo in the history of the world, even the Silk Road didn’t see as much cargo and trade-goods moving along it as the oceans have.

The wind is ever-present, the water buoyant and the siren-call of days at sea strong in everyone apparently. The one thing that is a water-transports weakness is things that must be delivered in a timely manner. Reliable the system is and always has been, fast it isn’t, at least in today’s world. So if you know someone who has worked in the sea trade or still does, Maritime Day is the perfect day to take a moment to thank them for all they did, and let them tell stories about their time on the salty black.
Maritime Day isn’t a day for being inside, it’s a day for going out and exploring this important part of the world’s past, present, and future. Maritime Day – To The Docks!

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