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Nigerian Students attacked in Greater Noida, Sushma Swaraj Speaks to Yogi Adityanath


GREATER NOIDA:  Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has promised a “fair and impartial” investigation into a mob attack on several African students in Greater Noida, Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj said this morning. Sadiq Bello, an African student in Greater Noida appealed to Ms Swaraj for swift action, saying that living in Noida has become “a life threatening issue” after a mob, protesting the death of a local student, blamed and beat up several Nigerians in Greater Noida. Ms Swaraj replied to the tweet assuring that “immediate action” is being taken. She then spoke with the Chief Minister.

The police said hundreds of local residents were marching on Monday in protest against the death of a Class 12 student, when some of them suddenly turned violent, attacking Nigerian students shopping in the area and even two people in a car.

The attackers alleged that the student, Manish Khari, was drugged by Africans who live in the area. Manish died of a cardiac arrest after a suspected drug overdose on Saturday. He had been missing for a day. The police initially detained five Nigerians for questioning, but later released them. Local residents have accused several Nigerians living in the area of being a bad influence due to drugs.

The police said they used batons to control the mob that attacked the Africans last evening. Three Nigerians were admitted in a nearby hospital with injuries. Seven local residents have been arrested.

Ms. Swaraj has been in conversation with Yogi Adityanath and has promised speedy and transparent investigation of the matter.

The police have identified and traced 54 locals who were part of the mob that beat up the Nigerians. The Greater Noida police said they have video-graphed the attackers and will initiate legal action against them. Senior cop Sujata Singh also said she expected to make more arrests. “We have arrested six or seven people from the spot. There are more. We will arrest them and put behind bars,” Ms Singh said.

Security has been strengthened in areas where the Africans, mostly students in Greater Noida’s universities, live.

There have been several attacks on Africans in and around Delhi, most recently in the capital’s Vasant Kunj area, where a Congolese man was stoned to death last week. Last year, some Nigerians were beaten up in Delhi’s Chhatarpur.

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