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ICAR-NOFRI & A.H. & VETY. DEPT., Arunachal Prasdesh Conducted 1day Field Training For Livestock Farmers


The ICAR –National Organic Farming Research Institute (NOFRI) Tadong, Gangtok in collaboration with Animal Husbandry &Veterinary Department, Government of Arunachal Pradesh conducted one day field training for livestock farmers of Lohit district, Arunachal Pradesh on December 13, 2017 at ICAR-NOFRI, Tadong, Gangtok. A total of 22 livestock farmers led by Senior Veterinary Officer, Lohit District, Arunachal Pradesh attended the field training.

Dr. Rafiqul Islam, Senior Scientist, ICAR-NOFRI and coordinator of the training program welcomed Dr. R. K. Avasthe, Joint Director ICAR-NOFRI, Scientists and livestock farmers from Lohit District, Arunachal Pradesh and briefed about the aim of the training program. The programme was organized to train the trainers who can educate and train other farmers interested to practice organic animal husbandry, crop and vegetable production.

Dr. R. K. Avasthe, Joint Director, ICAR-NOFRI, Tadong, Gangtok congratulated the participants for getting the opportunity to be a part of the training program. He highlighted the role of organic agriculture in general and organic animal husbandry in particular in maintaining human health, generating livelihood opportunities, reducing environmental pollutions and conservation of soil health for sustainable societal development by adopting organic package of practices in their farming. He also enlightened the House about the role of farm yard manure for enriching soil nutrients. Dr. Avasthe also stressed upon the farmers to go for backyard poultry and piggery farming for strengthening the rural economy.  

Dr. Rafiqul Islam, Senior Scientist (Animal Reproduction) elaborated the participants in detail about the housing, feeding and therapeutic management of dairy cattle. He also briefed about the role of indigenous animals for optimising productions under organic livestock farming. Detailing about the various standards of organic dairy farming, Dr. Islam stressed on integrated and diversified livestock farming to economise the production in the animals while following guidelines for space provisions, nutritional and therapeutic managements of various diseases including protection of natural behaviour of livestock and poultry. He also demonstrated the production technologies for Vanaraja poultry farming and pig production under deep litter housing system.

Dr. Ashish Yadav, Senior Scientist (Horticulture) detailed the technologies for year round vegetable productions under low cost plastic tunnels including package of practices for organic fruit and vegetable productions. Dr. Matbar Singh, Scientist (Agro-forestry) highlighted the role of agro forestry trees for organic livestock production. He also demonstrated the technologies for large cardamom production and management under organic farming. Mr. Shaon Kumar Das, Scientist (Soil Science), detailed about the integrated soil nutrient management for organic farming including different organic sources of nutrients. Dr. Shweta Singh, Scientist (Plant Pathology) discussed the organic management of diseases in crops, vegetables and fruits. She also educated the farmers about the available organically permitted formulations for managing various diseases in crops. Dr. Chandramani Raj, Scientist (Plant Pathology) demonstrated the organic management of insects and pests occurring in crops and vegetables including the available commercial organic formulations and conventional remedial measures for the effective control of insects and pests.ICAR-NOFRI

The participants were very enthusiastic and interactive during the lectures and demonstrations of various technologies at ICAR-NOFRI crop and livestock Farms.  At the end of the programme Dr. Anthoni Pertin, Senior Veterinary Officer, Lohit District, Arunachal Pradesh  proposed  the vote of thanks to the Joint Director and team of Scientists at ICAR-NOFRI, Sikkim for the successful conductance of the field training on organic farming. He reiterated that all measures would be taken to convey the technologies learnt to other farmers of nearby areas in Lohit District. Dr. Priya Chettri, Dr. Padam Lal Luitel, Mr. Adarsh Kumar rendered their help and active cooperation for the smooth running of the program.