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First Indian to get his eyeballs tattooed


Craze for tattoos A 28-year-old man, New Delhi vouches for it. Who is a professional tattoo artist and piercer – has tattoos But with eyeball tattoos

Karan has got his eyeballs tattooed and joined a rare club who have done so – he is the first Indian to undergo the procedure. He said the procedure was “Like a red hot needle entering your eyeball”. Karan, who has lost count of the tattoos on his body but has 22 piercings all over his own body.

In eyeball tattoos – also referred to as scleral tattoos – needles inject ink into the whites of a person’s eyes to permanently dye it a different colour.

When Karan was 16, he took up tattooing “as a hobby”. Later, he opened up his own tattoo studio in the Indian capital.

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