Logos are little things that can make a big difference to your company. The 21st century is the age of iphone tiles and fractured attention. A great logo can help you to do your business, while a terrible logo can break it. But, too many founders try to design their startup logo. After seeing the results, we can realize that they’re rarely beautiful. While designing your startup logo, it might seem like a good way to save some money. It’s one of those things that you should leave to the pros.

Below is a collection of tips and feedback for a creative logo design to help start-ups. Better communicate their branding messages through simple yet effective design practices.


  • Use Color Contrasts to Increase Legibility

Choose an exceptional color combination for the logo and make it accessible on the eyes. Especially when used as the app icon. You can use various software to create or check your color schemes. Since the product is a Slackbot, the application of logo icon will be on Slack as a 40×40 pixel image. And this is very limited. The new color scheme would make it clear for users to recognize the figure and it’s more mobile friendly.


  • Try Not To DIY It

Experts tell against ever trying to create your logo. They even think that it’s not a very good idea to go with the cheapest options, no matter how broke your startup is. If you want to establish a lasting and powerful brand, you need to hire a professional. A lot of companies underestimate the power of good branding and tend to go for the cheaper options. A great logo is one that communicates the company’s values. They take into account their strategy and positioning within the competitive landscape.


  • Trying To Include Everything

Siplicity is the ultimate contour of sophistication. And it applies to logo design as well. Or, to put it another way? Keep it simple, stupid. A logo design should represent your company, but it should not include everything. Having too many elements like the logos for London Olympics 2012 can only make it crowded and beat the aim.


  • Do Not Forget To Entreat The Feedback of Customers

Feedback is essential to any design project — and logo design is no different. Cheaper options for startup logo design often don’t include the iterative process. You also need feedback from your customers since you are appealing to them. Going with the cheaper preference means that those parts of the design process are not part. Which then means that their logo doesn’t always match the core message they want to communicate. Or the logo does not even resonate well with their audience.


  • Make It Merchandising

Your logo needs to try on everything from the address bar of a web browser to the tile on a smartphone to a billboard. If it only looks good on one of those mediums, it’s not going to work for you. It’s best to leave logo design up to the experts. But they get that sometimes you don’t have the cash. Make sure you get some outside feedback first.


  • Going With The Wrong Fonts Or Colours

Did you know the different fonts and different colours signify various industries? It says that most companies don’t — and that it’s hurting their logo designs. You don’t have to invest in customised fonts as large enterprises do. But you can choose the right one that matches with your industry. And also with your product and message you want to convey, same goes with colours. Always design in the dark and light, then add in the colours to see the dramatic effects on the design. Needless to say, don’t use too many colours.


  • Imitating Your  Competitors

It’s smart to learn from those who came before you. When it comes to startup logos, it’s not a good idea to make something that looks like your competitor’s logo. Instead, try to stand out from the crowd. Unique, memorable, and stands out from the crowd are some of the words which come to mind when you see a great logo design. Examples of great logos are like Nike, Apple, or Starbucks. You’d be rubric towards invisibility when you tell your designer that you want a logo design exactly like your rival.

I hope the points mentioned above are enough hacks, which will help you to make your own. If you are stuck at any point, feel free to comment below. Our team will communicate you as soon as possible.

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