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A Lifestyle called BODYWEIGHT


“The gym is too far from my place, I have odd working hours, I’ll start from the 1st of next month” and the list goes on.  It’s not that the people are not aware of importance of health and fitness but what’s bizarre is that people give irrational explanations they use for procrastination. It is completely understandable that one may have multiple professional and personal commitments. However, it does not mean you cannot take time out for your own body.

For a serious training program on an average one needs good two hours three to four times weekly. In today’s fast world not many can spare that much time on consistent basis. However, there exist a solution for all the above woes, a simple concept called “Bodyweight”.  The only thing you need here as an equipment is your body, no gym, no weights, no benches, no machines.


Here’s a sample schedule to get you started with a complete 15-20 minute workout. Try the below mentioned exercises three times a week.

  • Burpees

If you can do three sets of 15-20 reps each it’ll warm up your body pretty well and will let the circulation ease through. The whole idea is to step up the heartbeat and loosen the stiff body. Take a 90 seconds break between each set.

  • Alternate leg pushups

This shouldn’t be difficult if you can do normal pushups but doing them after burpees will test and improve your fitness. Complete three sets of 20 repetitions with 90 seconds break between each set.

  • Plank

It’s time for some action for the core muscles. It might look very easy at the outset but trying it out will give you some real time sweat. One the very basic and most effective core exercise is “Plank”. Just stay in plank position for a good 45-60 seconds and you’ll feel enervated and happy after it. Here breathing is very important, completely avoid mouth breathing for maximum gains. Three sets and you are done with your quick, short and impactful workout.

The above workout can be altered after a couple of weeks i.e. you can try new exercises, mix them with variants of current exercises.

Body weight is world’s oldest and renowned training method, anyone can do it anywhere. Research has shown that 15-20 minutes of bodyweight training 3 days a week is adequate to keep your heart healthy, burn some fat and maintain your body shape. In body weight training the practitioner uses his or her own weight as resistance. Push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, plank are some of the very basic yet highly effective bodyweight exercises. You’ll be surprised to know that one requires greater flexibility and core balance to perform repetitions in body weight than in weightlifting.

This doesn’t necessarily mean a handful of exercises which may become redundant by the end of the week.  In a gym you have the same set of machines so the window of adding spice and creativity to your routine is minimal. However, there is no limit to improvisation that you can have in bodyweight. Most bodyweight exercises can be progressed or regressed as per the individual’s need thus allowing people with all levels of fitness to practice it. If you are looking to increase body strength widen the range of your motion and do it with a slow speed and for endurance seekers more repetitions with speed will help.

Staggered, Handstand, Judo, Dolphin, Superman are not a string of random words strewn together,, they are some of the types of pushups that’ll definitely test your fitness levels. There can be as many as 50 kinds of them. Effective use of this training can be a phenomenon that’ll give fantastic results. You’ll save precious time and fuel, avoid the overcrowded gymnasiums and be better off while training in fresh air probably on your terrace or any other outdoor location of your choice. And most importantly if you have forgotten bodyweight training is free. We all know how gym memberships can burn a hole in your pocket.

Bodyweight exercises are quite safe and there is hardly any injury risk unlike in weightlifting where you may overdo things at times. Thus, you can avoid those sprains and backaches Enjoy your bodyweight sessions and always remember that fitness is never a destination it’s a LIFESTYLE.


Mohit Gaur is a Sales professional with a degree in MBA from Narsee Monjee. An avid explorer of all good things in the world, he believes life is BREWtiful. Sarcasm at its best, he loves everything funny and plans to empower children through education.