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Disfunctional lift crushes 27yrs old man

Delhi: 27-year-old crushed to death as lift ‘malfunctions’

Police said, a 27 yrs old man was crushed to death due an alleged malfunction in the lift. He had gone to a factory in Rohini district’s Narela area on Sunday morning.The death, identified as Jaan Mohammad, had kept some goods in the manual lift and was about to turn around when the door suddenly shut, and in the process crushed his head. He was taking the goods from the 1st floor of the plastic factory to the 3rd floor, police said.
Deputy Commissioner of Police (Narela) Rishi Pal said they received a call about the accident at around 9.15 am. “Mohammad lives in Kureni village in Narela and his family has been informed of the incident. Both the owner of the Satyam plastic factory and we are investigating the case,” he said.

Police also said that the lift was old and that they have called in experts to find out whether it was malfunctioning regularly or if it was a one-off incident. “We have registered a case of death due to negligence against the owner as of now. If the expert’s findings suggest that the lift was faulty and the owner did not fix it purposely, then we will arrest him,” said police sources.

Meanwhile, Mohammad’s relatives and other workers of the factory protested at the factory, where his body was kept. Police said the protesters wanted the owner of the factory to come to the spot and declare compensation.
“However, we did not want the owner to go there as the agitated protesters could have beaten him up. We called him to the police station for questioning instead,” police sources said. During the protest, the crowd confronted police and a minor scuffle broke out, in which some policemen were injured.