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Child Begging Racket Busted

child begging
child begging
Another child begging racket bursted in Gaziabad, Uttar Pradesh where three individuals are arrested including Shehzad, Dilshad and Dr. Imran. Dr. Imran here was previously connected with the Samazwadi party, he was the Ex-leader over there.
Child begging, which has been existed in India for many years, but never got the attention to it. This is the only reason why the problem has never got solved and extent to such a level that it calls for a collective effort of society today.
Just recall the little kid you snubbed last time at a signal after he/she knocked at the window of your car. Have you ever thought in what situation the little poor child have to beg at the age of his/her study?
We usually watch them daily raising their little hands before strangers just to feed his little sister or to buy a packet of biscuit. Isn’t it possible that these little beggars are just a part or a group of harassed victims??

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