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Sanjay Bangar called Kohli’s dismissal unfortunate


Virat Kohli’s LBW decision for bat and pad delivery once again questions the creditability of DRS system and its functioning. India needs partnership badly as they lost early wickets, wrong call of Virat Kohli’s wicket one of the finest Indian batsmen doomed the second innings show to some extent for India.

Kohli feeling strong guts feeling for the review little helped Indian skipper, the recap show of the wicket showed bat and pad hitting the ball at the same time. As third umpire didn’t have any strong prove to reshuffle ground’s umpire call, he stayed with the decision and let Indian fans feel disappointed.

“We all were a bit surprised by the call,” Bangar said. “Was there a conclusive evidence to make that call or there wasn’t a conclusive evidence that is something the match referee will look into and have a chat about it. Obviously, Virat was really pumped up… he is a big match player. He wanted to succeed very badly in this innings. But it was a normal reaction of a batsman in the dressing room when he gets out cheaply.”

India recently opted for the DRS system after years of oppose, Indian management wants more accurate system to be introduced with 100% accurate result. Bangar, the Indian Batting Coach showed his remarks negative for the technology.

“I don’t think it has gone to that extent. We are new to DRS and the rules have tweaked a bit. It is very much the umpire’s call which becomes really really crucial. We haven’t really sat down and evaluated about it. It is new to us and we are learning with as many games we are playing with DRS. We are in the learning process.”

Bangar also expressed his view on Kohli’s recent form that creates lots of worry for the fans as Indian skipper fall short badly in all four innings.

“First of all such phases come in everybody’s career. Virat’s phase has been an outstanding phase with respect to batting. We need accept such successes but at the same time if there are three for failures, we need to accept that too. It’s a question of the mindset. If you struggle with that thought of how ‘i can fail’, it won’t benefit you. I think Virat has a mindset to accept things quickly and then tries to learn from them. That is his greatness. I think in the matches to come, he will perform well.”

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