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Stunning Places to Visit in Middle-East


Welcome to a soulful experience of vacationing in the World, the cradle of ancient civilization with the rich cultural heritage. Explore the gifts of nature and the timeless marks of man-kind that dot the landscape of this World.

Covering the coast of Israel to the deserts of Saudi Arabia, the Middle East is completely replete with some of the most extraordinary cities and landscape in the World. From the astonishing and magnificent natural phenomenon to finely detailed historic sites reflecting every country’s colour, culture and heritage. Today in this piece of writing we have mentioned few most breathtaking places in the Middle East just to make you feel good to be lost in the right direction.

1. Hegra

Positioned in modern day Saudi Arabia, Hegra was one of the biggest cities in the Nabatean Kingdom, second only to Petra in Jordan.  The city was put together in the 1st Century AD and primitively consisted of a residential area and a necropolis. Of this, 131 colossal, amazingly detailed tombs remain, cut into the faces of rock. Hegra was considered for a long time to be damned and was avoided by locals and travellers, leading to its extraordinary preservation.

2. The Dome of the Rock

Situated on Haram Al-Sharif in the heart of Jerusalem, The Dome of the Rock is one of the World’s purest and diving sites and a breathtaking example of Islamic architecture. Built in the 7th century, the chapel features an octagonal architecture, a magnificent golden dome and dazzling tile work inspired by the Byzantine style. Inside the Dome is the Foundation Stone, a holy artefact of immense value to those of both Muslim and Jewish faiths.

3. Jeita Grotto

Jeita Grotto resides of two interconnected limestone caves situated in the Nahr al-Kalb Valley in Lebanon. The upper grotto is reachable by walking and the lower grotto is explored from a rowboat on a lake winding through the cave. Both grottoes features breathtaking natural creations, involving stalagmites and stalactites, columns, mushrooms and curtains. The glittering water, multi-coloured rocks and dramatic formations create an admirable and charming, otherworldly atmosphere rarely experienced elsewhere.

4. Khor al-Udaid

One of the Middle East’s most unique and mind-blowing landscapes, Khor al-Udaid features the bizarre juxtaposition of desert and sea on the Qatari coast of the Persian Gulf. By day the sea smoothly draws up amongst the soft whites and the sand dunes, designing a beautifully clear and still inland sea, before retreating again at night. During sunsets, the landscape becomes more mesmerizing, reflecting a myriad of rich colours on the sparkling sand and waters.


5. Musandam Fjords

Disconnected from the rest of Oman by the UAE, the Musandam Fjords situated on the Strait of Hormuz incorporate the amazing scenery of the famous Norwegian fjords with the scenic beauty of the Arabian Peninsula. Battered, rocky mountains descend to the water in sheer cliff faces, with tiny coastal villages interspersed among the crags. Although the scenery of the mountain is quite sparse, the water teems with wildlife, making it one of the best places for scuba diving in the area.

The Middle East is basically a transcontinental region centred on Western Asia, Turkey and Egypt. These are some of the places in which you can enjoy your life to the fullest in the Middle East. And at the very end, we can say that the World is a book, and those who do not travel read just a page. So, make sure that your travel stories should be your children’s bedtime stories.

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