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Hindi Pakhwada observed at Sikkim University

Hindi Pakhwada
Hindi Pakhwada

The Hindi Pakhwada was observed in Sikkim University from 1st to 14th Sept 2017. During the Hindi fortnight many competitions were organised by the Hindi Cell of the University like Dictation for Admin Vocabulary, Letter Writing, Extempore Speech, and official noting in Hindi. The faculty members and non- teaching staff participated in the competitions with much enthusiasm and fervor. Competitions were organized to encourage faculty members and staff in use of Hindi in official matters.

The closing ceremony of the Hindi Pakhwada was held on 14th Sept 2017. In this programme the participants and winners of the competitions were distributed certificates and prizes. The Vice- Chancellor expressed the importance of Hindi and took pride in the fact that some of the official works in the University are bi- lingual. He also congratulated everyone for participating in the programme.

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