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‘Malala of Malda’ locked up at home, can’t go to school

malala beauty khatoon
‘Malala of Malda’ locked up at home, can’t go to school

Malala Beauty Khatun, who opposes the idea of child marriage amongst minorities in West Bengal, is being threatened by the veterans of the village these days.
A 13-year-old girl attending a wedding ceremony earlier this year had noticed the bride couldn’t possibly be an adult. Instead of taking part in the revelry, she raised her voice against the marriage and informed the administration. The marriage had to be stopped and the teenager — Malala Beauty Khatun — who has been chosen as the brand ambassador by the West Bengal Government for the marriage of minorities in the district’s, anti-child marriage campaign. But Beauty is now being hounded and she has stopped going to school, fearing assault by local youths. The Child Welfare Committee (CWC) has reacted sharply and vowed to ensure her protection.
She has been locked up.
Despite all this no action taken by the administration in this regard. Tension spread through this incident in Amriti, 10 kilometers away from Malda city. In January this year, Beauty had protested against the marriage of a minor in the neighborhood.
She was admitted to the Malda Medical College Hospital in critical condition for several consecutive days. The district administration came into action after this news was published by various sections of the media.

Beauty’s mother Jhasi Begum said: “I never imagined my daughter will have to pay such a price for doing noble work.”

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