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Happy National Bubba Day!

Happy National-Bubba-Day

In American usage, “bubba” is a relationship nickname formed from “brother” and given to boys, especially eldest male siblings, to indicate their role in a family.

National Bubba Day takes place on June 02, 2017. Anyone who is called Bubba by birth or as a nickname is honoured on National Bubba Day. Inviting or calling any boy or man with that name is a good way to celebrate National Bubba Day. Bubba is often given as a nickname to firstborn sons or sometimes also older brothers. It is a bit more than just a name: it marks the position and importance in a family. A Bubba can also be a male friend, who is a close to someone as a real brother would be.

A famous Bubba was William Jefferson Bubba Clinton, the 42nd president of the United States. In the South of the US plenty of men are called Bubba by their families and friends. In “Forrest Gump”, the famous movie with Tom Hanks, his best and only friend is called Bubba, too. It is a tradition from the South but the real origin or the initiator of National Bubba Day is unknown.

To all of those named, nicknamed or just sometimes called Bubba, Happy National Bubba Day!

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